About the Author

Dilip Nath a freelance journalist writer & painter was born on March 2nd 1959 at Tapang (Chibita Bichia village) District, Cachar, in the Assam state. He passed B.A. from Guwahati University in the institute of Gurucharan College, Silchar. He appeared A.C.S. preliminery Exam in the subject history. He applied for Sr. fellowship study under H.R.D. Govt. of India for the subject 'Revolt in Cachar 1857' . He organised a student union in his respective area for socio-cultural development work. The 'Tapang Student Association' support to the All Cachar, Karimganj, Hailakandi student Association' demand for establish central University. TSA's proposed to Establish Central University at Srikona. After few day the student association progress to Algapur Student Association and struggle for Srikona, Mohanpur Road development. The Student Association divert in the Cultural organisation in the name of the 'Bornikotha Sahitya Sanskriti Sanstha'. As an Chief Editor Dilip Nath publish a literary Magazine named "Bornikotha" since 1991 till to date. 'Cachar Zilla Saksharata Samiti' progressive their total literary campaine with the help of these organisation there respective area. Dilip Nath doing his participant as a Black Coordinator both Tapang & Silchar Development Block since 1995. Mohakuma Parishad, Silchar organised Folk Festival in the 1996. As a organiser member his cultural team mainly 'Sawtal Dance' present best performance. Due to his folk Art painting % writing he get Dr. Ambedkar award in the year 1999. His painting work Exhibited the Bonga-Sahitya on the occasion of Barak Upatyaka & Sankrite Sammelon. He is the member of the 'Biswa Banga Sahitya Sammelan'. 'Barak Utsav' 05 Sharanika publish his essay 'Rontilla' (Mohanpur) about revolt 1857. He is the member of National Manuscript Survey in the N.E.R. under Srimanta Sankardev Kalakhetra, Guwahati, During his Art & Cultural activities he get casual work at Silchar Doordarshan Kendra. His Advertisement agency 'Borna Rekha Art' work in A.I.R. Silchar in NER. He is the member of 'Explorer Club' for advanterous Trekking. He is the life member of Srihatta Sammilon, Mumbai. It is the all India level Cultural Organisation. Delhi, Mumbai, Bengalore Exhibited his paintings in the subject Mutiny period in Cachar for historical highlighting & published a drama book in English & Bengali.